DeMers Investigations Areas of Specialization

DeMers Investigations specializes in the following areas:

  • Process Server, including difficult service of process cases
  • Public information searches (online and physical records)
  • Washington State conviction records
  • Full search capabilities
  • Missing or lost person investigations; lost contact with family
  • Child custody investigations
  • Surveillance (physical, photo)
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Witnessing interviews for rebuttal testimony
  • Background investigations (covert and overt)
  • Employment background checks
  • Mortgage and insurance fraud investigations
  • Homicide defense investigations
  • Fatal accident investigations
  • Child Abuse Investigations
  • Corporate and criminal investigations

Missing Person Investigations

If a person in your family disappears, if you want to find long lost associates, or if you need to find an heir in a probate case, our personal dedication and high-tech systems can assist you in completing that connection.   While not all cases of this nature can be brought to a successful conclusion, you can be assured that the utmost dedication and expertise will focus on locating the person who you wish to find.

Difficult Service of Process

When people are trying to avoid the service of subpoenas or other court documents, we know where and how to look for them to make sure you get your day in court.  Whether it is evictions, divorce papers, or a simple court subpoena, we use the most modern electronic tracing systems to find the person to be served and serve them as quickly as possible.  Mr. DeMers is a member of the Washington State Process Servers Association.

Information Searches/Public and Background information Checks

To protect your company, yourself, or loved ones, sometimes you need to check and verify information given to you by a potential employee or a person with whom you have a possible serious personal relationship.  Financial, employment, criminal and litigation history can all be discreetly brought to the fore with a thorough background check.

Child Abuse and Custody Investigations

Don has dealt with literally hundreds of the types of child custody and child abuse investigations that can determine who will get ultimate custody of your children or grandchildren.  We know what the courts look for in parental behavior and we tailor the investigation to answer the questions the court may ask.  We will do everything legally possible to ensure you a favorable outcome to your case.

Surveillance Investigations

Our law enforcement background lets us expertly follow and document illicit and/or illegal meetings or actions between persons under suspicion for personal or business reasons.  Using great discretion, we allow you to confront the person at a later time with the reports or photographs documenting their actions that will be a total surprise to them in court or another setting.

Interviewing Witnesses

When you need  a documented statement from a litigant as part of a lawsuit or other legal action, our

investigative and report writing expertise lets you know that we will be asking and documenting the right questions and answers to support your case.  Mr. DeMers had specialized training in interviewing and interrogation techniques and has the experience that allows him to not only document what was said but also allows us to assist in judging the veracity of the witness’s statement.

Fatal Accident Investigations

Through our expert associates we can analyze multiple-vehicle and/or fatal collisions that most likely will end up in court.  Our consultant has over eighteen years investigating traffic matters of the most serious nature and was trained in traffic investigation at the California Highway Patrol Academy, Sacramento, CA.

Criminal Investigations

If you need the services of a trained investigator, we can furnish to you a discreet, loyal investigator who understands the workings of the police and the courts in these types of cases.  We will do our work in a timely fashion and with all the zeal required by the law in cases of this type.  Past investigative experience by our firm includes:  multiple victim and child victim homicide cases, major fraud and financial crimes, employee theft, and major crimes against persons.  Our fluency in Spanish can be a great advantage in these settings.