DeMers Investigations Areas of Specialization

DeMers Investigations specializes in the following areas:

  • Process Serving
  • Asset Investigations
  • Skiptracing
  • Public information searches (online and physical records)/due diligence
  • Washington State arrest records
  • National arrest records
  • Dating backgrounds/identity verification
  • Missing or lost person investigations; lost contact with family
  • Guardianship investigations
  • Background investigations (covert and overt)
  • Employment background checks (including in-home care givers)

Missing Person Investigations

If a person in your family disappears, if you want to find long lost associates, or if you need to find an heir in a probate case, our personal dedication and high-tech systems can assist you in completing that connection.   While not all cases of this nature can be brought to a successful conclusion, you can be assured that the utmost dedication and expertise will focus on locating the person who you wish to find.

Information Searches/Public and Background information Checks

To protect your company, yourself, or loved ones, sometimes you need to check and verify information given to you by a potential employee or a person with whom you have a possible serious personal relationship.  Financial, employment, criminal and litigation history can all be discreetly brought to the fore with a thorough background check.